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Pure botanical skincare that actually heals your skin

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We only use pure, organic ingredients with absolutely NO stabilisers, parabens, petrochemicals, alchohol or preservatives.

Our range of creams activate and support the skin’s built-in ability to heal by providing it with the nutrients it really needs, giving you deeply moisturised, healthy skin.

Our mission: “We nurture, by nature!”



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Featured products

Cold Cream Moisturiser

Our Nurturing Cold Creams for gentle face care, combine delicate floral waters carefully blended with beeswax, pure plant oils and restorative essential oils. Drawing on ancient recipes, the Africa Grace Cold Cream is our signature product!

Coconut oil & Clay Cleanser

Soap-free soap for sensitive, tired and dehydrated skin creates a soothing aroma-infused treat with PH-balanced moisture. Coconut oil and clay, essential oils and raw honey. Ideal for the face and body replacing your normal soap.

Queen Sheba Body Butter

Intense moisture! Absolute luxury for the body and restorative bliss for the soul. Infused with shea butter, palm kernel, coconut butter, grapeseed and a soothing blend of essential oils to stimulate and soothe.

Starter Kit for Her

Enjoy the full benefit of our complete 5-in-1 face care range for a discounted price. Cleansing, Toning, Moisturising and Skin cell renewal. Perfect for testing and seeing what products your skin needs the most.

Starter Kit for Him

This is for you men! Enjoy the full benefit of our complete 5-in-1 face care range at a discounted price. Simple, effective skincare for real men on the go! Full instructions included in all kits.


I love love love the Africa Grace range – my skin feels great.  For lack of a better word, I almost want to say my skin feel “lighter” and the Kefir mask did wonders for the “mountain” on my chin. I think I must be driving everyone mad, but I am so impressed with the products, both Africa Grace and Better4Life. I do not know when last I have felt this great! I just wish I found you guys 10 years ago!
Annesta Barradas