How to deal with germs naturally


There’s a great deal of controversy regarding germs and viruses. Should we constantly search for ways to eradicate them completely? Or are we designed to live with them in mutual balance? What I can tell you is that germs DO exist, and many of them are inside us!


The rise of the superbug

They have increased due to chemical use and viruses are opportunistic, and like weeds, they thrive in environments where a natural balance has been disturbed. With over-use of antiseptics and sterilisers, superbugs (cunningly mutating viruses have formed). Hospitals, many of them unnamed, are fighting these super-viruses with little success.


The reality: there is a difference between “clean” dirt and “dirty” dirt. We do need to deal with dirt, but we must deal with it wisely. The majority of germ-busters like hand-sanitisers, household cleaners, antiseptics, mouth washes etc. kill bad and good bacteria, upsetting the fine balance we need to stay healthy.


I remember being in Korea in 2009 and hearing about a public toilet system that was celebrating the forthcoming inclusion of triclosan in its liquid soaps. This, just as another country had banned its use due to health concerns.


How to control germs the right way

When considering germ control and health, we need to do the research and consider the long-term effects of chemicals on our bodies and our environments. A simple solution: treat dirt naturally – its natural! Bacteria and viruses are natural. In balance, there are no problems. To keep this balance, use natural repellants. These agents occur organically in the environment and pose no hazards. Essential oils, vinegars, hydrogen peroxide, soapwort and other saporifying plants all provide healthy defence.


At Africa Grace we produce an all natural hand-sanitiser that keeps the natural balance and really works:

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Avoid harmful chemicals and let nature do its work!