Africa Grace factsheet

Our skincare is natural and based on ancient recipes
  • Before the industrial revolution, skincare preparations were made from pure, natural ingredients. There is evidence of cold cream, herbal extracts and natural perfumes being used as far back as Queen Sheba and Cleopatra! We have recaptured this ancient tradition and found that it really works!


Completely pure and organic
  • Africa Grace is one of the few true, pure skincare solutions in South Africa with absolutely NO harmful petrochemicals such as parabens (eg. Sodium laurel sulphates) or preservatives.
  • There is nothing in our products that will harm you or our environment.


Fully tested to bring healing
  • Africa Grace has been developing our skincare products for more than five years and they have been tested on different skin types including normal, sensitive, combination (oily and dry) and severely dehydrated skin.
  • We use proven herbal botanical extracts that are potent because they are in their most natural state.
  • Many of the Africa Grace products are also a ‘skin doctor’ and bring incredible healing for many skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, scars, lacerations, ulcerated skin (especially in the case of diabetes mellitus 2), circulation problems, infant skin and skin prone to blemishes.


Our mission is 100% natural skincare for Africa, by Africa, from Africa
  • We use local ingredients and natural resources and each product is lovingly made by hand.
  • All our ingredients are made in Africa and we have a supply chain that gives real value to our clients.


Our team is a small group of African citizens
  • We are passionate about true health and making it available to everyone.
  • We are not trying to convince people to use our skincare products instead of their current products, but simply to give them the opportunity to try the natural approach which is far better for their health, the environment and economy.


Our skincare suits skin across the world
  • Africa Grace is already being used by clients in South Africa, France, Zambia, USA, UK, Ireland, South Korea and Australia. Our products are easily sent via courier to anywhere in the world.
  • It appeals to those who are health conscious, environmentally-aware and have the heart promote proudly South African products.


We love Africa, we love our people and we believe natural skincare can change lives.