I have been drinking Kefir for a while now. It is a powerful yoghurt you make yourself at home and the benefits are endless:

Superfood Drink and For Cooking

(can be used to replace milk/yoghurt/cream/mayo in recipes)

I really enjoy drinking my Kefir despite its sourish taste. In fact I hardly ever taste the sour but rather its goodness to heal my inside and out. I have even discovered that Kefir can be used when cooking; giving my food more than flavour, WHOLESOMENESS is the word.


Before I was introduced to Kefir, my mornings were always slow, I felt tired with eyes that were blood red and I experienced a burning sensation, not forgetting the bags under my eyes. I would use all sorts of eye drops which were a super temporary fix and would certainly cause damage to my eyes in the long run. Within the last three weeks or so I have noticed that my eyes are not as red as before when I wake up in the morn. The inflammation is wearing off and I no longer have to wake up looking like I am sleep deprived.

Skin Doctor

Two weeks ago, I accidentally grated the skin on my wrist while I was grating carrots. I quickly went to clean it off with water and thought about using some disinfectant to further clean the wound and apply a plaster. I was told to use some Kefir on the wound and I did.

This was a surprise to me as I thought that Kefir was meant only for drinking. The following day I was so amazed at how quickly my skin was starting to repair itself. After 3 days of continuous application my skin looked like it had been “sewed” back together again, leaving no scars.

The same week of my kitchen accident, one of the kids in my drama class, managed to cut his foot outside while they were playing. Luckily I had brought some Kefir with me, for drinking purposes and medicinal it seems. I use some on the child’s cut as I knew that it would be the safest and most natural way to repair it.

For the past month or so, I have had what I call ‘stress pimples’ on my face. I started using Kefir as a base on my face before applying the Hydrating Cold Cream, the pimples have cleared and with continued use I know the scaring from the pimples with soon be a thing of the past.


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