It’s becoming more difficult to find clothes that are 100% cotton. We’re in an age that likes to call things “cotton-rich”, as opposed to 100% cotton, and we generally have to go to a health shop to find clothes in natural fibres. This makes healthy shopping difficult. The reality is that our body only breathes through natural fibres such as cotton, silk, hemp and bamboo. This becomes extremely important when we sleep, because our cells rejuvenate and dry skin flakes off the body. The hard truth is that if you are wearing synthetic fibres, anything with a “poly” in the word or a strange sounding name such as viscose, polyester, spandex etc. your body is not able to do this. The whole process of skin restoration, detoxification, and lymphatic drainage is severely disrupted.

So, if you want to keep your skin young and healthy, and minimise premature ageing, get some hundred percent fibre pyjamas. Start here. Over time, you can transform your wardrobe to support natural fibres and then enjoy the benefits of wearing them every day. Let your 40 winks make you new, not old!