Africa Grace FAQ’s

What face moisturiser should I choose?
Africa Grace has a pure hydrating cold cream and restorative night balm that is effective for all skin types. For Winter, especially in dry, urban environments, like Johannesburg, the Winter cold cream provides deep moisturising and it is also ideal for those with very sensitive skin.


What does the Starter Kit contain and how do I use it?
Download the Starter Kit below leaflet with a step-by-step guide on how to use your starter kit or watch the video.

Starter kit for her instructions
Starter kit for him instructions


How long do the products generally last?
Africa Grace products are highly concentrated and so a little goes a long way, much longer than non-natural products. For example, a 50ml cold cream can last 2-3 months with correct application.


What is the shelf-life?
All of our products are made by hand, to order every week. They are preservative free but with correct storage, products can be used for up to 12 months, and in some cases, longer.


Why does the colour and consistency differ?
Because each product is made by hand and not in a factory, the consistency may vary slightly depending on the different essential oils used and the distillation process.


Do we need such strong moisturisers?
Most city environments are very dry with our polluted air quality. This disturbs the natural PH-balance of the skin and lowers skin moisture. Therefore, even if your skin is oilier than most, it still requires moisturising and Africa Grace products give your skin exactly what it needs.


What if the products don’t seem to sink into the skin properly?
You may have dry skin that has become resistant to moisture. This can happen when you have used a lot of petrochemical-based skin products. We recommend that you exfoliate with our natural body scrub and regularly expose your skin to steaming to open up your pores and remove the hard upper layer. After some time the skin will improve and Africa Grace products will be better absorbed.


The texture of the products is different. How do I apply the products properly?
Our body butters, scrubs, lip balm and all beeswax-based products are designed to penetrate the skin and not stay on the surface. Use a small amount and rub it in for a few seconds and allow it to absorb. It’s best to apply 10-15 minutes before dressing so that these oils can be given time to penetrate.


Can I mix other oils with Africa Grace products?
No other oil should be added to the body butter or other products, unless you are trained to do so, as this could disrupt each formulation’s delicate emulsion.


What is the problem with petrochemical-based skincare (the normal products found on shelf)?
Petrochemical skincare, the kind that is most readily available and used, disables the skin’s healing mechanisms and traps toxins deep in your skin’s layers. On the surface, the skin may look ok, but these toxins build up over time, enter the bloodstream and pollute the body.


Can I recover from using petrochemical-based skincare products?
Yes, you can – your body can heal. If you have been using aqueous type products for a long time your skin needs time to heal and reactivate. You will need to apply Africa Grace products more often until you can feel the natural plant butters being absorbed on a deeper level. This can take some time, based on your skin type and the products you used before.


What is the healing transition?
In some cases, although rare, your skin may experience what we call a healing transition. This may entail breakouts for a while. Don’t be concerned. This is completely normal and temporary and is a good indicator that your skin is opening up and getting cleaned out.


Do your moisturisers have a sunscreen?
We add carrot seed oil, nut butters and essential oils with proven sunscreen ability to all our moisturisers. However, we will never recommend the use of our cream for tanning purposes or in fact, the regular use of sunblock. Prolonged exposure to the sun causes deep damage to the body on a molecular level, even if you are using a sunblock! Rather cover up or stay out of the sun where possible, especially during the peak time of 11am–3pm.  Ten minutes of sunlight per day is ideal to get adequate vitamin D for your body.


Is there a make-up range?
We recommend the use of a natural, organic make-up range. Though we do not have our own make-up range, there are local products we can recommend. We do this in personal consultation with our clients.


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Guide to using the Africa Grace Starter Kit: