Esther Africa GraceHello! My name is Esther Busisiwe Machileka  and I have been using Africa Grace products since 2015.

Two years ago I started using the Coconut Oil and Clay Bar soap,  Nurturing Cold Cream as well as the Restorative Night Cream

I must admit, the first time I began using these products, I was very skeptical (just like any other person would be, when introduced to new products). I wasn’t sure whether they would work for me but within a week of daily and nightly applications, I noticed a radiant glow on my skin. I was getting compliments left, right and centre, furthermore started feeling comfortable with wearing less make-up on certain days. My skin felt so smooth and clean, I could feel it breathing!

There were months when I went without using these products as the effort of applying day and night became such a chore and I neglected my skin. My skin began crying out to be saved again. There is just something about Africa Grace products that just screams ‘CLEAN, REFRESHING AND GOOD FOR THE SOUL!’

Today, I religiously use these products and I am working on dropping the make-up entirely and replacing it with a cleaner version of “make -up”. Africa Grace products have also assisted in restoring and maintaining my natural skin completion so ‘bye bye’ to sunscreen which  used to create a burning sensation on my skin. Africa Grace is very gentle on the skin and contains oils which have a natural sunscreen ability.

My challenge for the months to come, is to eventually use very little or no make-up at all and allow Africa Grace products to do their magic!  I shall call this ‘The No Make-Up’ challenge.

Stay blessed and I hope you will come along with me in my journey!